Headshot Service

Rates & Features

The Headshot Package costs £70 and includes an un-rushed studio photoshoot, between 2 - 3 hours, online gallery and 2 retouched images of your choice in both colour and black & white.

You will have access to your own online viewing gallery via the Backstage area where you can see a collection of 70 plus best shots from the session.

This gallery can be viewed by chosen friends, family and industry professionals online via your personal login invite. Here they can 'like' and comment on individual photos to help with that all important decision process.

The final two chosen images of your choice will be edited and retouched and uploaded to you login client page. Each image will be available to collect in colour and black & white.

Additional Extras

Often clients find they would like to order more than the standard two images included in the package and this can be done on the day or after the shoot at a later date.

Additional edited images can be purchased at the price of £10 per image.

Actors Headshot Photography
Actors Headshot Photography

My Style

My headshot sessions are pretty relaxed. You can have a brew and get settled while we chat. There's often music throughout the shoot and we can take breaks to review the shots.

The images we create are and should be a collaboration. With me coaching and guiding poses and expression, and you bringing you own style and personality. Between us we aim to capture a headshot thats is unique to you. Lighting, backdrops, posing, expression and even the edited finish may be influenced by the shot or person in the photograph as well as your personal inspired tastes. Ultimately we want it to reflect you.

What Are You Selling?

As an actor it's always important to be aware of who you are and what you sell. We don't just want a great looking picture - the aim is to capture you, your personality and a sense of your character that can represent you when you can't be there to represent yourself.

Looking The Part

It's a good idea to bring a variety of clothing to the shoot so we can vary your look.

Here's some advice on selecting your clothes:

  • The main focus of your shots is always You. Your clothes should never distract.
  • Choose colours that compliment your skin tones, or help your eyes to stand out.
  • Classic colours are black, white and grey. Neutral and clean.
  • Primary, earthy and flat colours usually photograph well.
  • Fitted clothes are best to define shape. Avoid loosely hanging tops.
  • Jackets and shirts can be good for variety. Mixing textures such as leather or denim often look good.
  • Avoid overly bright, detailed or branded clothes, and clothes that use heavy patterns.

Clothing is important so please come prepared. Have your clothes ironed, lint free and ready to wear. Be sure to take care when travelling to avoid creases. It's advised to avoid jewellery for headshots.

If in doubt take a look through the portfolio photos but don't worry - before we start shooting I'll always give you my advice.

Actors Headshot Photography
A little preparation goes a long way, but overall the process should be a fun, relaxed and enjoyable experience!
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