Portrait Service

Indulge yourself in a modern, contemporary portrait session tailored to capture you at your best. Everyone deserves to have great photos of themselves to be proud of, images that capture you and your personality as you are and how you see yourself.

Your photoshoot with me can be tailored around you and your vision so that together we can create strong, bold, elegant and beautiful images that you love and treasure.

Portrait Photography
Portrait Photography

My Philosophy

When I began taking portraits it became very clear to me where my influences came from. If you look at my work you can see I take inspiration from fashion, editorial, commercial, celebrity and pop culture.

When I shoot for portrait collections I always do so with the end goal in mind. I want to create images that look like they were pulled straight from the pages of magazine and ad campaigns. I can imagine how single pieces will stand alone with impact or how a series of shots will tell a story.

My style of photography is very reflective of the day and age we live in now. As a modern society we are exposed to advertising and media in our day to day lives and would appear there has never been a more image lead time. With the introduction of social media it seems we're all in the public eye, and as a result the need for people to look and feel great seems more desirable than ever.

It's my belief that everyone has had that moment where they wish they could be the girl on the magazine cover, or the guy on instagram. It's natural to compare ourselves and we're only human. But what's more interesting to me is that we live in a time where uniqueness and individuality has never been more celebrated. We as individuals we are encouraged to think big, be bold and step out. Aspirational experiences and lifestyles that once seemed out of reach have become accessible and the norm.

I say be your own inspiration. Celebrate who you are now. You're already exactly who you need to be.

Portrait Photography
Portrait Photography

Book A Shoot

To book your tailored photoshoot contact me via the website, email or telephone. A portrait shoot is generally explored via consultation based on what you're requirements and packages are adapted to suit.

In the consultation we'll discuss influences, inspirations, styles and themes. Individual, group and family shoots can all be catered for.

If needed a hair and makeup artist can be provided to achieve the desired look on the day. This will however require some notice for organisation, and will add additional cost. Alternatively if you have your own stylist that you're are confident with we can explore ideas and looks for inspiration.

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